Data and Analytics

  • 2019: The year of the personalized utility

    Companies like Amazon and Netflix have created engaging and personalized experiences that customers are not only expecting from other service…

  • Big data

    Implementing a Customer Experience Solution without the IT Headache

    Planning and implementing a project can seem like a big house remodel–long, full of unknowns, and almost always over budget.…

  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Utility Investments in Personalization

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    Why Horizontal Software So Often Can’t Deliver Utility-Specific Value

      Utilities today are evaluating any number of software options at any given time. With an overwhelming number of options…

  • Straight Road

    The Easier Road to Modernizing Utility Customer Experience

    It is no surprise that today’s utility customers expect the same experience from their utilities as they have with innovative…

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    How Amazon, Netflix, Lyft, and Uber Might Deliver the Utility Customer Experience

      “Hey Alexa. I got a high energy bill in the mail. How can I lower it this month?” While…

  • Personalization and Customer Insights

    Recent funding helps expand our personalization capabilities

      It’s a busy and exciting time right now for EnergySavvy as we continue to help utilities use predictive analytics…

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    APS Helps More Customers Save Money with Targeting

      Each time the number of programs and offers grows for a utility, so does the difficulty of reaching the…

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    Rolling out Default Time Variable Rates without the PR Nightmare

    As utilities struggle with a host of new challenges around aligning supply with demand, one of the most promising tools…

  • Paying with Credit Card

    Paperless Billing and the Utility Savings Equation

    In the past twenty years, we’ve transformed the way we find and consume information, trading paper for digital. We read…