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    EnergySavvy Adopts Open Source / Open Standards M&V 2.0 Code

    Today we’re announcing a product update for EnergySavvy’s M&V 2.0 platform. Given the recent decision by Open Energy Efficiency, Inc.,…

  • 2019: The year of the personalized utility

    Companies like Amazon and Netflix have created engaging and personalized experiences that customers are not only expecting from other service…

  • Big data

    Implementing a Customer Experience Solution without the IT Headache

    Planning and implementing a project can seem like a big house remodel–long, full of unknowns, and almost always over budget.…

  • Unlocking the Full Potential of Utility Investments in Personalization

    One of the things we’ve found in working with so many utilities across the country on their customer experience transformation…

  • 360º analytics view

    Why Horizontal Software So Often Can’t Deliver Utility-Specific Value

      Utilities today are evaluating any number of software options at any given time. With an overwhelming number of options…

  • Straight Road

    The Easier Road to Modernizing Utility Customer Experience

    It is no surprise that today’s utility customers expect the same experience from their utilities as they have with innovative…

  • Woman on phone with ear buds

    How Amazon, Netflix, Lyft, and Uber Might Deliver the Utility Customer Experience

      “Hey Alexa. I got a high energy bill in the mail. How can I lower it this month?” While…

  • Personalization and Customer Insights

    Recent funding helps expand our personalization capabilities

      It’s a busy and exciting time right now for EnergySavvy as we continue to help utilities use predictive analytics…

  • Houses in desert

    APS Helps More Customers Save Money with Targeting

      Each time the number of programs and offers grows for a utility, so does the difficulty of reaching the…

  • Wind turbine and solar

    Rolling out Default Time Variable Rates without the PR Nightmare

    As utilities struggle with a host of new challenges around aligning supply with demand, one of the most promising tools…