December 15, 2009 Scott Case

Home Star, aka Cash for Caulkers, got a boost today from Obama who visited a Home Depot to drum up support for the program.

Reuters reports:

“I am calling on Congress to provide new temporary incentives for Americans to make energy efficiency retrofit investments in their homes and we want them to do it soon,” he said. “Insulation is sexy stuff,” he told workers and employers at a Home Depot home supplies store near Washington.

So here at EnergySavvy, along with all our friends in the Home Performance Industry, we are psyched about the potential of this program.

There’s a lot of questions still open though and we’re hoping for answers soon.  When will this get through Congress? (Does anything get through Congress anymore?) What will be the exact way to redeem the incentives? Who approves the measures? Will all audit software have to pass the controversial Bestest?

Here’s a few links to coverage today: WSJ and Reuters.