Boost Program Enrollment by Welcoming New Move-ins

Boost Program Enrollment by Welcoming New Move-ins
April 6, 2017 Crystal Leaver
New Move-ins


Marketers have long known that the key to success for any product or program is connecting with the right prospect at the moment they are most interested in buying. For utilities looking to boost enrollment in Energy Efficiency (EE) programs, one great way to increase connect with potential program customers is through a targeted new move-in program. New move-ins are the perfect audience for EE program promotion since these customers are most likely to already be planning an array of home-improvement projects. According to Porch, the most popular projects for new homeowners are interior and exterior painting, appliance installation, and roof repairs/replacements, with water heater or HVAC replacements not far behind.

Sending each customer a Welcome Kit upon new account activation or move-in immediately establishes a utility as a thoughtful energy partner concerned about their specific needs. Kits that include a direct mail home energy assessment, or DMA, will not only help them understand more about their new home, but also their energy savings potential–potentially moving an energy efficiency project to the beginning of their priority list. Research has shown that customers are 60% more likely to purchase energy products and services in the first 90 days after they purchase a home.

By providing a DMA as one of the first customer touch points, a utility can also boost customer satisfaction. Just as people form an impression seconds after meeting someone, the first interactions with their new utility is critical because it sets the stage for a positive ongoing utility-customer relationship. And those customers that start off with a positive connection will then be more apt to view future interactions with their utility through the same lens.

Sending a DMA also increases awareness about program offerings, which has a direct correlation on customer satisfaction scores. According to J.D. Power, customer satisfaction is 76 points higher among customers who are aware of a utility’s programs than among those who are not–and it’s even higher for customers enrolled in a program. After a customer mails in their home energy assessment, they will receive customized recommendations for utility programs and other actions based on their responses. These recommendations can be specifically tailored for new customers to align with the most common move-in projects.

By offering programs that are relevant to the right customer at a time that is particularly helpful, the customers’ trust of the utility, and your new utility-customer relationship, can truly begin to grow.

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