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  • Wind turbine and solar

    Rolling out Default Time Variable Rates without the PR Nightmare

    As utilities struggle with a host of new challenges around aligning supply with demand, one of the most promising tools…

  • Rebecca Norlander

    Technology Industry Leader Rebecca Norlander Joins EnergySavvy Board!

    We are absolutely delighted this week to announce that technology industry leader Rebecca Norlander is joining the EnergySavvy board of…

  • $15K for 15 Days. EnergySavvy Referral Bonus Special!

    For the next 15 days, anyone who refers a developer or program manager candidate to EnergySavvy that gets hired can…

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    We’ve seen a lot of dull energy efficiency ads, but we fell in love with these humorous and memorable spots…

  • EnergySavvy Announces Program Optix

    Today, EnergySavvy takes the wraps off Program Optix, our newest software application for utilities running energy efficiency programs. Program Optix…

  • A Ticking Atomic Clock: Nuclear Power vs. Efficient Homes

    Why home energy efficiency is more cost effective and better for our economy than replacing our nation’s dying nuclear power…

  • EnergySavvy Expands Nationwide

    We’ve had a busy month since announcing our most recent expansion in the Pacific Northwest. Now we’re on to the…

  • Five Different Languages in One Industry

    A very-much-not-fun look at the inconsistent ways that energy efficiency measures are described in our industry Developing an energy retrofit…

  • Kim

    EnergySavvy Expands in the Pacific Northwest

    This spring has been an exciting time for home energy efficiency in the Pacific Northwest and at EnergySavvy: new customers,…

  • 3 Ways to Make Energy Efficiency Emotional

    EnergySavvy Research: Testing DOE’s Home Energy Score One of the critical jobs for a consumer product marketer is to make…