Are Your Customers Aware of Your Energy Efficiency Programs?

Are Your Customers Aware of Your Energy Efficiency Programs?
September 19, 2016 Momoka Nakamura
EnergySavvy Direct Mail Assessment

Maintaining customer satisfaction and driving program participation are at the top of mind for every utility. In today’s busy and digital world, it’s becoming even more challenging to reach utility customers online, particularly seniors and low-income households. Only 3% of customers are “very” aware of their utility’s energy efficiency programs and utilities generally only interact digitally with less than a third of all of their customers. What’s more daunting is that utilities only have email addresses for less than half of their customers.

If program participation increases satisfaction, and online approach doesn’t capture customers, how do utilities engage their customers?

EnergySavvy’s Engage drives awareness and customer satisfaction, picking up where online engagement leads off. Our Direct Mail Assessment garners a 10x higher response rate than average direct mail and an 11% higher customer satisfaction rate.

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