APS Deploys Optix, Joins LEAP in Embracing HPXML

APS Deploys Optix, Joins LEAP in Embracing HPXML
August 7, 2013 Dan Zasloff

Control and Transparency of DSM Program Data


EnergySavvy is proud to announce that Arizona Public Service (APS) has adopted EnergySavvy’s Optix demand-side management software solution. The deployment leverages EnergySavvy’s support for Home Performance XML (HPXML), an emerging standard for exchanging building performance data between disparate systems. HPXML’s momentum in the industry builds on the leadership and support of another EnergySavvy customer, LEAP-Virginia.

Home Performance XML (HPXML) is an open standard supported by the National Home Performance Council (NHPC) and the Building Performance Institute (BPI) used to communicate residential building performance and improvement data between different software systems. By using a standard language, it allows a platform like EnergySavvy Optix to communicate with contractor auditing tools and other distributed IT systems within the DSM ecosystem.

Adoption of the HPXML open standard removes risks associated with redundant data entry and the administrative overhead associated with it, and offers greater choice among trade allies to use their preferred in-field software tools.

EnergySavvy CEO, Aaron Goldfeder, welcomed APS to a growing list of EnergySavvy clients standardizing on HPXML. “We’re honored to work with some of the foremost leaders in  the industry. In many ways their innovation removes risk and opens the adoption path for the next wave of utilities ready for modern approaches around data transparency and control with open standards.”

APS and EnergySavvy

Arizona Public Service Company (APS) has selected EnergySavvy’s Optix platform to run its Home Performance program. Optix will enable APS to increase customer participation while lowering the cost of energy savings through more effective customer engagement, data transparency with trade allies, and greater control over program performance.

Gavin Hastings, Program Manager at APS, explains:  “EnergySavvy’s software gives us insight and control over our program performance by providing transparency and real-time quantification. I’ll know what is working and where bottlenecks exist so I can take corrective action well before the M&V cycle tells me what I should have done after the fact.”

LEAP and EnergySavvy

LEAP is a nonprofit energy services organization modeled as a community-based, public-private partnership. The state-wide organization has been running its programs on EnergySavvy Optix and early in 2013 celebrated 1,000 home energy upgrades in Virginia. Cynthia Adams, Executive Director of LEAP, has been a strong proponent of HPXML and has helped lead the industry toward adoption.

“LEAP Virginia continues to invest in the tools and processes necessary to achieve greater scale,” said Adams. “HPXML will allow us to interact more efficiently with contractors and trade allies, increasing contractor participation and satisfaction, reducing data errors, and giving our trade allies choice in the tools they use. LEAP and EnergySavvy have led the way on implementing this new HPXML software standard, one that will provide us with a scalable platform from which to continue to grow LEAP’s successful programs.”