APS boosts c-sat with Optix Engage, EnergySavvy announces 3 new clients

APS boosts c-sat with Optix Engage, EnergySavvy announces 3 new clients
November 10, 2014 Dan Zasloff
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Turning high-bill complaints into a customer service opportunity

Each summer, Arizona faces searing desert heat, sending electricity bills higher as air conditioning works overtime to keep up. Consequently, utilities like Arizona Public Service (APS) are confronted with a surge of high bill complaints fielded by their call centers.

APS_Energy_AnalyzerThis summer, APS launched a campaign to turn unhappy customer calls into customer engagement opportunities, sending callers an auto-generated letter that links to the Optix Engage online audit. Branded by APS as the Home Energy Analyzer, the online audit has given call center representatives a tool to empower customers to reduce their energy use by identifying no-cost and low-cost solutions.

Through this effort, the utility was able to engage 7,158 customers who contacted the call center during the heat of the summer. Measuring the impact of the campaign, APS found that Optix Engage helped lead to a 4% increase in satisfaction of APS customer service and an 11% increase in satisfaction with APS’s contact resolution, all with zero negative impact on call handle time.  To learn more, read the case study.

EnergySavvy welcomes new clients: Salt River Project, New Mexico Gas Company (NMGC), and Public Service of New Mexico

We’re excited to announce three new EnergySavvy clients in the Southwest. All three are launching Optix Engage, our intuitive online energy audit.

“This new energy audit tool is a powerful way for customers to learn about home energy use,” says Steve Casey, manager of NMGC’s energy efficiency program. “For just a few minutes investment of their time, customers receive personalized recommendations on the best ways to save energy and save money.”

And Salt River Project (SRP), which has been recognized for its success in surpassing its energy efficiency goals, is also launching Optix Manage for their Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program.

In no small way, the success of neighboring EnergySavvy clients like Arizona Public Service, CPS Energy and Black Hills Energy encouraged SRP, New Mexico Gas Company, and Public Service of New Mexico to adopt Optix as a proven demand-side management system.

EnergySavvy now serves more than 25 utility and state energy efficiency providers in more than 20 states.