ACI Home Performance Conference

ACI Home Performance Conference
May 4, 2009 Aaron Goldfeder

I just got back from ACI, the Home Performance Conference, put on by Affordable Comfort Inc.

It seems a shame that everyone knows about Van Jones and Green for All as well as USGBC’s Green Build, but comparatively few seem to know about ACI.  I, for one, am of a growing number of folks who hope to help change that over time 🙂

Unfortunately, things are super busy at the Evoplex, so I don’t have a ton of time to write more.

Our new friends at EnergyCircle.com have a thoughtful roll-up of ACI.

I spent most of my time meeting new folks and talking about Evoworx in the Exhibition hall – as such I didn’t make it to many sessions.

My favorite sessions that I did get to attend were:

  • Suzanne Shelton did a rocking talk about marketing to consumers in the energy space
  • Eric Storm and Michael Blasnik discussing EPS and energy modeling – there we’re some definite ‘colorful’ moments on the Bestest modeling standards and the relation to actual performance
  • There was a great talk about new changes in financing energy efficiency retrofits by Conrad Metcalfe – hopefully his slides will be up soon 🙂

Here’s a couple pix:

Welcome to ACI!


Here’s an infrared shot of my pitching from the Evoworx table.  Note that I outlined the Dino with my finger just before the shot…