A note from the CEO: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About EnergySavvy

A note from the CEO: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About EnergySavvy
March 27, 2018 Aaron Goldfeder
Aaron Goldfeder

Time is flying! EnergySavvy is celebrating eight years of serving the utility industry. From the earliest days of our leading digital energy assessment, we’ve grown to solving utility customer journeys of all kinds—call center optimization, new customer acquisition, rate education, income qualified support, workflow automation, and tons more.

Here’s a few recent updates you might not know about—and each one made possible by our Amazon-like, utility customer experience (UCX) platform enjoyed by dozens of leading utilities:

Blink-and-you-might-miss-it Implementation…
EnergySavvy launched our latest UCX call center cost reduction solution for 500,000 customers in just 10 weeks at a large Northeastern IOU.



Mind the Peak… 
New rates, new programs and new load profiles require customer coaching. A large Southwestern IOU is using EnergySavvy and AMI data to power personalized, next best actions for any customer.



Behavioral Conservation…
EnergySavvy’s UCX platform is enabling a large Midwestern IOU to step beyond paper reports and help their customers save energy and money with personalized weekly energy forecasts and monitoring using AMI.


Automated Energy Efficiency…
It happened again. When a large, East Coast IOU deployed Workflow Automaton across their home performance program, trade allies hit cloud 9.



Big Data, Fast Platform, Smart AI…
With the UCX platform’s rapid-fire, distributed computing, EnergySavvy processes billions of data points in minutes, bringing Netflix-like, AI-driven personalization to any utility in real time.



It’s our privilege to be part of your success and we’re looking forward to the decade ahead—thank you! Please reach out if I or my team can be of service.


Aaron Goldfeder
EnergySavvy CEO

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