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  • Wind turbine and solar

    Rolling out Default Time Variable Rates without the PR Nightmare

    As utilities struggle with a host of new challenges around aligning supply with demand, one of the most promising tools…

  • Meter reading

    Enabling the Future of Energy Efficiency in New York

    New York is in the midst of a major overhaul of the regulatory framework that governs the energy sector. The…

  • Program Optimization

    Six Ways that Continuous Measurement Can Optimize Program Performance

    Measurement is a critical part of managing a program, but today most utility program managers receive data months or even…

  • RMI M&V 2.0

    The Promise of Advanced M&V: Game-changing Benefits for Energy Efficiency

    This week the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) released a much-anticipated white paper titled The Status and Promise of Advanced M&V:…

  • Washing a car

    Part 3: Optimizing Your Whole Home Program

      Instead of optimizing their programs, many program managers are spending precious time dealing with challenges around getting to one…