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  • Paying with Credit Card

    Paperless Billing and the Utility Savings Equation

    In the past twenty years, we’ve transformed the way we find and consume information, trading paper for digital. We read…

  • Family Doing Laundry

    Part 2: Managing Costs for Whole Home Program Success

    Exhausting the budget for your Whole Home program can cause headaches or even program failure. Unfortunately, these programs have a…

  • Whole Home Family

    Part 1: Generating Leads for Whole Home Program Success

    According to J.D. Power, only a few customers are “very” familiar with their utility’s energy efficiency programs. Program participation is…

  • M&V 2.0 Meeting

    M&V 2.0 is Growing–and the Industry is Taking Notice

      In late 2015, the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) released a groundbreaking paper on “The Changing EM&V Paradigm.” The…