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  • May Update – EnergySavvy

    It’s late May here in Seattle, and that means… well…  rain all week. Oh well. Just another month until it’s…

  • Software Opportunities in Energy Efficiency

    From Software to Energy Efficiency

    My Journey from Microsoft to the Clean Tech Industry Aaron Goldfeder, CEO EnergySavvy In May 2008, I left my corporate…

  • EnergySavvy CEO Goldfeder Named to 2010 Pivotal Leaders List

    The 2010 Pivotal Leaders List was announced today from Portland-based Pivotal Investments. The Pivotal Leaders include clean tech entrepreneurs, executives…

  • OPOWER and EnergySavvy in Action

    When it comes to household energy consumption, it turns out the Joneses’ neighbors will try to keep up. Our friends…

  • Home Energy Retrofit vs Microsoft - 5 Year Investment Returns

    Home Energy Retrofits Outperform Microsoft Stock (Especially with Home Star)

    The Home Star Retrofit Act of 2010 passed the House yesterday with bi-partisan support to reach the goals of both…

  • Home Star Passes the House!

    Great news for homeowners, the climate and the economy: the House passed Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010! In…