Working with EnergySavvy

Achieving energy efficiency success requires teamwork and coordination across a variety of roles. Our products are focused on meeting the needs of everyone involved in making energy efficiency and demand-side management (DSM) programs work.

For Program Managers

Utilities can no longer depend on simple lighting rebates to meet their energy efficiency program goals. Optix accommodates today's more sophisticated programs by streamlining workflows and managing trade ally interactions through a secure web portal. Our software validates data and provides results to program managers in real time. Across the portfolio, utility stakeholders can track key metrics, evaluate performance transparently and make adjustments throughout the program lifecycle.

For Customer Engagement

Energy efficiency programs are opportunities for utilities to have positive interactions with their customers, which makes program design, customer experience and flawless execution critical. Optix is designed to delight utility customers while driving program enrollments through an easy-to-use web tool. For customers who enroll in a program, Optix guides them step-by-step from intake to completion through a friendly but secure customer web portal.

For IT Professionals

Optix provides a departmental-level management system that brings high-quality modular software to energy efficiency and DSM for the first time. We've worked with utilities across the country, with a technology stack and system architecture built to meet a utility's IT security and privacy requirements. Ask our clients: we deliver software that works, on time and on budget.

For Planning and Evaluation

The program evaluation process usually starts and ends with missing data, undocumented calculations, and results that aren't reproducible – problems that have nothing to do with evaluation. Programs run with Optix result in evaluation-ready data that is generated and validated as it is gathered. So when it comes time for formal third-party evaluations, program managers are confident that there won't be any surprises.