EnergySavvy Explained

Utilities nationwide will invest over seven billion dollars this year to help people and businesses use less energy. EnergySavvy's software increases the impact of that investment. Leading utilities use our products daily to improve energy efficiency and demand-side management (DSM) program performance, engage with their customers, and reduce operational and compliance risk.

Our commitment to data control and transparency and relentless focus on ease of use in our web-based applications are revolutionizing the way our clients do their jobs. Our software provides operational and reporting insights that are critical to making energy efficiency programs work well. We continually improve our offerings in partnership with our clients, turning insights into success.

The Challenge For Utilities

Utilities face ever-increasing savings targets, regulations and energy costs. Given this complicated landscape, utilities striving to develop energy efficiency as a reliable resource need to provide great customer experiences while reliably quantifying program results.

This challenge is magnified by the increasing complexity of programs necessary to achieve greater savings and by the often-uncoordinated mix of programs, systems and vendors in place within any utility ecosystem. As programs continue to evolve, internal IT departments are stretched thin trying to support business innovation.

The EnergySavvy Solution

Optix is a demand-side management system – DSMS – that reduces program complexity and brings all stakeholders together into a shared platform. Three key business benefits guide our offerings:

  • Best program results with lowest total cost of ownership
    Optix removes unnecessary technological barriers and optimizes programs, delivering information and control to administrators with the lowest total cost of ownership (technology + services + impact) compared to alternative solutions.
  • Excellent customer engagement, education and satisfaction
    Optix ensures great customer experiences in energy efficiency programs with excellent customer service each step of the way. Additionally, Optix gathers customer data for analysis and segmentation, enabling thoughtful, targeted customer outreach.
  • Breakthrough, evaluation-ready quantification
    Optix eliminates shuttling information from system to system and properly manages program data as the portfolio operates, with planning insights visible right in the system. When it comes time to evaluate, the results are comprehensive and clear.

We help achieve these results with a modular "no regrets" approach, deploying features as needed to match evolving standards, techniques and goals. Our open architecture exposes a full enterprise-class API for clean and straightforward integration with existing systems and other vendors to minimize integration maintenance costs. Our software integrates with and accommodates virtually any program or technology and acts as an independent measurement platform to determine what works and what doesn't.

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