Optix Platform

The Optix Platform is the enterprise-grade foundation for our utility cloud software solutions.

Built with best-of-breed software technologies, the Optix Platform provides intelligent integration to critical utility and third-party information systems, a powerful data analytics engine, flexible configurability and industry-leading data security and scalability that has withstood the most stringent client requirements.

Intelligent Integration

Software needs to talk directly to other software. Why? Because no one wants to spend time entering and re-entering data as a human integration system. It’s slow, costly and frustrating every time it happens, even in small ways. Optix drives out inefficiency by automating the mundane, freeing humans to do their jobs with lower cost and higher impact.

The Optix Platform application programming interface (API) makes integration with existing IT systems straightforward. And our Client Engagement team has the experience to ensure success at the lowest ongoing maintenance cost.

Optix API addresses many integration needs, including:

Utility Customer Information Systems

Integrating with a utility’s core customer information system to keep basic contact information and usage data synchronized automatically.

Program Implementers

Synchronizing with program implementer systems to ensure that every utility partner benefits from a holistic view of customers and premises and their associated energy efficiency history.

In-home Audit Tools

Integrating with basic or comprehensive building assessment tools through the Optix Platform API or native support for HPXML, so that you can choose the best field analysis tools for your program without risking proprietary lock-in.

Powerful Data Analytics Engine

While transparent, simple access to information is critical to the operations and success of any customer-centric utility, analytics and reporting is often messy. Reporting fire drills consume time and effort because data is both dirty and distributed across multiple systems and many departments. Sometimes it’s even locked away in file cabinets.

Optix sets your data free. All program, project and customer data is available at your fingertips, accessible and owned by you. A powerful data analytics engine provides you with the most common reports pre-built and available in real-time, day or night. And if you need to slice and dice your data in a myriad of ways, the Optix Platform provides access to ad hoc reporting that is both sophisticated and simple to use.

We help and guide you every step of the way. We’ll help you design, configure, schedule and interpret your reports.

Flexible Configurability

Custom software is expensive and can take months or even years to deploy, and then you’re on the hook to identify and fund any future upgrades as your business needs change. On the other hand, generic platforms, such as customer relationship management (CRM) software just don’t work well for utility customer programs. Arbitrary architectural or data limits make configuration challenging and the end result clunky. Optix delivers the best of both worlds – software purpose-built for utilities that is quickly and meaningfully configured to your business processes and constantly being improved. Which means that you benefit from the experiences, feedback, and data from our large and rapidly expanding utility client base.

Technical Peace of Mind through Security and Scalability

EnergySavvy treats your customer data the way you would treat it. The Optix Platform deploys industry-standard security practices to secure and protect your data across all Optix products.

Data Security

Optix employs a multi-faceted approach to ensure all data is secure, confidential, available and backed up. Customer data is encrypted and backed up regularly for both disaster recovery and safeguarding purposes. Each client’s data is stored in an isolated environment and all data is encrypted during transfer. A variety of industry standards tools and practices are implemented on our servers ranging from firewalls to intrusion detection systems to hardening, access logging and continuous monitoring. Access to data is restricted based on permissions on the basis of job responsibilities. And, account and access control to all EnergySavvy systems is centralized for security, maintenance and auditing purposes.

Operational Security

Optix is hosted in an enterprise-class SOC 2/SSAE 16 certified data center with physical security and access controls. The service is continuously monitored and setup with automated alerting system to ensure immediate response to any security incidents. Optix is regularly scanned for vulnerabilities and tested against penetration threats.

Enterprise-Grade Platform

EnergySavvy’s Business Continuity Plan takes into account a variety of scenarios around system or other failures. Our distributed infrastructure allows you to quickly resume normal business operation in the face of a variety of disruptions.