Optix Quantify

Traditional DSM evaluation results often arrive too late to take action on issues — causing regulatory risk, frustration and waste. Optix Quantify enables a "measure as you go" approach, measuring performance in real-time by combining usage, weather and project data. This enables action when it matters, maximizes savings, reduces evaluation risk and removes unnecessary cost.

Calculating program impact in real-time, Optix Quantify enables a shift from unproven savings and risk to verifiable savings and opportunity. Energy efficiency that is verifiable in real-time can be valued, financed, and deployed like never before.

Real-Time M&V Reduces Risk

All too often, programs come up short on savings, discovering millions of dollars of energy "loss" during formal evaluation. Unlike the costly and time-intensive manual billing analyses of traditional impact evaluation, Optix Quantify measures results for every project in every program immediately and continuously, allowing programs to adjust as they go, mitigating savings risk.

Leverages Smart Grid Investments

Optix Quantify helps leading utilities to maximize savings per ratepayer dollar by leveraging investments in automated metering infrastructure (AMI). Quantify automatically combines usage data and DSM project data to save cost and effort. This translates to happier customers, greater savings and cost-effectiveness.

Speeds & Streamlines Evaluation

Optix Quantify automates billing analysis and data collection, helping to produce impact evaluations at lower cost and effort. Evaluators and utilities can shift time and effort to process or market impact evaluation and put key findings and recommendations into practice.

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