Optix Partner

Trade allies, energy auditors, retailers, lenders and other partners with deep roots in their local communities are critical to the success of energy efficiency programs. Optix Partner maximizes the value of these partner relationships by reducing coordination costs, improving partner satisfaction, and optimizing for partner effectiveness and efficiency.

Your program partners should spend their time building, auditing, selling and lending, not fighting with unfriendly software.

Partner Web Portal

Optix Partner provides an easy web portal for contractors, auditors, retailers, lenders and other partners, so they can spend their time doing their jobs rather than fighting with unfriendly systems, paperwork and cumbersome approaches. Partners can create and maintain a customer-facing partner profile, view partner-only content and self-administer all program-required information.

Online Data Collection

The typical experience of a contractor dealing with a utility’s energy efficiency program means a lot of paper. Reservation forms, bid forms, rebate forms – all with duplicate information requests – faxed in with no visibility into processing status. Optix Partner revolutionizes the contractor experience. Program information is entered once, in a simple web interface, and partners can keep track of where their projects are as they proceed through the system.

Partner Management

Optix Partner integrates seamlessly with Optix Manage to make assigning work to partners, sharing and collecting data, and tracking the deadlines and completion of work easier and more effective than anything on the market.

Next Steps

Utah Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

With our program administration partner PECI, EnergySavvy software has helped drive results for the Utah Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program. Trade ally positive satisfaction ratings with the program portal jumped from 15 percent to 89 percent after the introduction of Optix Partner.

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