Optix Manage

Too often, DSM programs operate with disconnected customer experiences, data sets and software. Optix Manage creates great customer experiences, connects data and integrates IT components to streamline programs and increase savings per dollar. It tracks and optimizes your residential, commercial and industrial programs, from application through results. Program implementers, partners, contractors and other stakeholders all interact in a web-enabled interface designed to facilitate seamless coordination, lower operational costs and drive increased savings.

Customer Engagement

From initial engagement to program completion, EnergySavvy relentlessly focuses on the customer user experience. Our modern technology stack and highly intuitive user interfaces mean your program participants will be more engaged and less likely to get frustrated, make mistakes or drop out.

Program Workflow

Designed to manage and optimize the whole stream of activities necessary for a program, Optix Manage is flexible enough to meet unique program needs. It was built for DSM programs from the ground up with leading open web technologies.

Results Tracking

Programs can suffer because clean and current data isn’t available when it’s needed. By tracking the project workflow from beginning to end, Optix Manage shows transparent results in real-time. It is easy to identify what is working, which trade allies are performing well, where projects get derailed and, ultimately, how the program fits together to deliver savings in a cost-effective way.

Analytics, Measurement and Verification

Optix Manage tracks and reports the data needed to help the program learn and improve on its own, and meet external stakeholder reporting requirements. Our clients can be innovative and accountable at the same time.

Next Steps

Clean Energy Works Oregon

Clean Energy Works Oregon is a statewide home energy upgrade program in Oregon that offers financing up to $30,000 for whole-home retrofits. They chose EnergySavvy Program Optix because of its focus on user engagement, technical innovation and dedication to driving trackable results.

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