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A 1990’s-style online audit is no longer good enough for today’s demanding energy efficiency goals. Discover why the nation's leading energy efficiency programs are turning to EnergySavvy to boost program enrollment while offering their customers a great experience.

Optix Engage, our innovative residential online audit, provides homeowners with an engaging, user-friendly experience and provides utility program marketers with in-depth customer intelligence. As an initial web engagement point, customers first tackle the question “Where do I start?” As customers navigate options, our software drives action on an ongoing basis and automatically compiles usage data essential to program planning and marketing.

An Online Audit that Actually Works

With Optix Engage, homeowners quickly learn how much energy efficiency upgrades can save them and see which ones give them the biggest bang for their buck. Engage is so easy to use, it has a completion rate of over 90 percent, making it the best way to turn visitors to your website into program participants.

Drive Engagement

Education and awareness are critical to any successful program. Customers who understand energy efficiency are more likely to enroll in your programs and take action, so we’ve made learning about energy efficiency fun, interactive and easy. Our utility partners around the country are increasingly using Optix Engage as their main entry point for all residential energy efficiency.

Actionable Customer Intelligence

Real-time customer intelligence empowers administrators, marketers and planners to analyze marketing and engagement data. For example, by capturing emails from over 50 percent of users, marketers can easily segment and re-engage with the right subset of customers based on their energy savings profile and the needs of their homes.

Program Co-Marketing

Contractors, lenders and community partners can be a program’s most effective way to reach customers. Optix Engage activates this valuable channel by making partner marketing on behalf of the program easier, more transparent and more effective.

Flexible, Painless Deployment

Every program is unique. Our flexible solution customizes to fit your needs. Engage can deploy within days and will seamlessly integrate into your existing website and marketing.

Next Steps

Case Study: Utah Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

The Utah Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program used Optix Engage as an online pre-screening and qualification tool. It helped screen out unqualified homeowners without consuming program resources. Of all program applicants, 16 percent were disqualified upfront for having insufficient savings opportunities, resulting in a significant reduction in non-productive rebate dollars. The remaining applicants were highly likely to complete the program.

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