Optix API

Software needs to talk to other software. Why? Because no one wants to spend time entering and re-entering data as a human integration system. It’s slow, costly and frustrating every time it happens, even in small ways. When it comes to running IT systems for utility demand-side management (DSM), there’s a lot of software talking to other software.

Optix has an enterprise-class application programming interface (API), making integration with existing IT systems straightforward. And our team is the best in the industry at making sure that happens in the cleanest way with the lowest ongoing maintenance cost. Typical uses for the Optix API include:

  • Utility Customer Information Systems
    Integrating with a utility’s core customer information system to keep basic contact information and usage data synchronized automatically.
  • Program Management Companies
    Synchronizing with program management company systems to ensure that every partner working with a utility’s customer base gets a holistic view of the customers and premises they are interacting with, and what their energy efficiency history is.
  • In-home Audit Tools
    Integrating with basic or comprehensive building assessment tools through the Optix API or native support for HPXML, so that you can choose the best field analysis tools for your program without risking proprietary lock-in.
  • Third-Party Programs
    Aggregating activity and results from third-party-administered programs for portfolio-level analysis.